My new homepage is OUT now!


This Sunday is not just any day, it’s my birthday! What better way to celebrate than with an ALBUM and VIDEO release =)

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After years of work my new album is finally ready!

It might sound old fashioned to communicate through my own webpage, but it’s important for me that you receive all fresh news about me and avoid having information lost on your facebook feeds. Till date the best tool for this is email.

Let’s make this journey a personal one, let me invite you all into my life. Witness the ups and downs, the struggle and success. All this will be accessible for registered users only. I would like to set up a new way and quality of communication, especially with people who really appreciate and support what I do. So register and become part of the movement! Love

I will do my best in making this experience one to never forget!

Till we wait for Rockstar to be published on Sunday, have some Nachos!

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