My new music video Rockstar is OUT!


The first single of the album is “ROCKSTAR”. This track defines, confidence with a healthy arrogance which all lead back to my Mother and Father.

In the chorus I say “Mama was a model and my daddy was a Rockstar, these ladies wondering just why I gotta break hearts”. If you’re wondering why these lyrics, well it’s simple. My mother Kállay Katalin was one of the most beautiful models in the world, and my father Fernando Saunders was a rockstar. I can go on and on about their successes but that what google’s for =). In this song I am also giving thanks for giving my life and raising me into the man I am today. For blessing me with their talents and traits as human beings. I owe them everything, and it just feels good to sing about them.

Let’s not forget the film maker, director, the person who put every little piece of this video together ” Porkoláb Norbert ” aka Bad Moon Films. I guess both our passions for our craft and dreams of taking this to an international level, played a big part in the outcome of this video. So a huge thanks to Norbert, he deserves nothing less than a future Grammy.

Hope you enjoy the video.

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