András Kállay Saunders, professionally known as Kállay Saunders, is a singer, songwriter and producer.

Kállay was born on the 28th of January, 1985, in New York City to, Kállay Katalin, a Hungarian renowned model, and Fernando Saunders, an American singer, songwriter, producer and renowned bass player.

CAREER In 2011, Kállay Saunders’ professional career came to the forefront, when he decided to spend time with his grandmother and mother, in their home countries of Hungary. During his visit, he noticed a Tv commercial urging talented singers to audition for the nations talent competition and rose up to the challenge, to the point of finishing fourth in the competition.

Shortly after finishing the competition, Kállay Saunders signed a deal with Universal Hungary, where he then decided to permanently live in Hungary. Since then, Kállay Saunders has released nine singles that have made the Hungarian Top 40 billboards each time, peaking at number one and no lower than number 7, all of which, being written and sung by Kállay Saunders himself.

My Baby
My Baby

In 2014, Kállay Saunders represented Hungary, in the highest of honor, in the Eurovision Song Contest. He would showcase his song, “Running,” where he would place 5th out of 37 qualifying countries in the competition. While there, Kállay Saunders won the ESC RADIO AWARDS (peoples choice) for Best Male Artist and Best Song of Eurovision. That year, he would also win an award for, Song of the Year, in Hungary.

In 2015, Kállay Saunders decided to continue his career by creating a band known as, Kalláy Saunders Band (KSB). Since then, the band has released their first album “Delivery Boy”, with two hit singles coming from the album, “Victory” and “Young,” peaking at number 2 and 4 on the Hungarian Top 40 chart respectively. The album would also reach number 1 on Deezer. Ending the year strong, KSB opened for Emeli Sandé and James Arthur.

In 2016 KSB released 2 singles “Who We Are” and “JOY” which was released at the end of May and is already climbing it’s way up the Hungarian radio and music video charts. “JOY” is the official campaign song for the worldwie know female lifestyle mazine Joy’s Hungarian edition. Several countries have already shown interest in licensing “JOY”, like Greece, GSA, Russia etc.

Kállay Saunders Band, brings a combination of RnB, Rock, Pop, Blues and Soul mixed into one. Kállay Saunders and the member of his band, believe in hardworking dedication to convey their love and passion for music to the audience, where the people can feel and share that passion, at every concert.

In 2017 Kállay decided to keep his artist name as “Kállay Saunders” just to keep it simple, he is still accompanied on stage by his live band at all times.

It is now 2018 and Kállay is releasing his second album “GRIND” and single “ROCKSTAR” on the 28th of January. Two songs from 2017 “NACHOS” and “GRIND” also made the album. This album touches genres such as RnB, HipHop,Trap but the unique style of Kállay will always remain.

Kállay plains on bringing his music to the states this year, and taking his career to an international level/audience.

András Kállay-Saunders was born on January 28, 1985 in New York City to Hungarian model Katalin Kállay and American soul-singer and producer Fernando Saunders. In 2010 Kallay decided to visit Hungary to spend time with his grandmother who was ill at the time.

During his visit in Hungary he noticed a TV commercial urging talented singers to audition for the nations talent competition Megasztár.

Kállay ended up finishing fourth in the contest and shortly after signed to Universal and permanently moved to Hungary. Kállay released two singles under Universal, “Csak Veled” “I Love You” both of which became smash hits in Hungary, peaking respectively #7 and #2 on the Top 40 Hungarian Billboards.

In 2012 Kállay entered “A DAL” which is the Hungarian Eurovision Contest, but unfortunately did not make it to the Finals. Later that summer he released his single “Tonight” which reached the #3 spot on on the Top 40 Hungarian Billboards.

December 20, 2012, Kállay released his single “My Baby” which also serves as his contribution in the Hungarian A Dal Eurovision Song Contest. On February 9 Kállay performed the song in the contest to critical acclaim, garnering 48 out of a maximum of 50 points voted by the jury. He won according to the judges votes, but placed 2nd in the end due to the countries votes.

Following the performance, My Baby catapulted to #1 on iTunes (Hungary).[ The music video for My Baby was released on February 8, 2013. My Baby peaked #1 on the Hungarian iTunes store on March 3, 2013, and charted #1 on the Hungarian Top 40 Radio Charts on April 11, 2013.

In 2014 Kallay decided to give “ A DAL “ another shot. He ended up winning and represented Hungary in the 2014 Eurovsion song contest with his song “Running”.

He placed fifth and his song was a great success across Europe and certain parts of the world. Kallay won best male artist and best song at the ESC radio awards and won song of the year at the Bravo Otto Awards.

Shortly after Eurovision Kallay released his newest single “Juliet” which immediately became a radio hit. Kallay is currently working on his Album with his band (Kallay Saunders Band). He will be continuing his career as a Band due to his love for live instruments.

His debut album with Kallay Saunders Band, entitled Delivery Boy was released mid March. The first single Victory peaked at number 2 position on the local radio charts. The second single Young has also entered the top 10.

Early 2016 Kallay Saunders Band entered again Dal, the local ESC contest with the song Who We Are. They got into the final but thanks to still uncleared technical conditions he failed to win the show.

June 2016 sees the band releasing his next single JOY, that was written on the request of worldwide known woman lifestyle magazine JOY in order to use it as background music its whole summerlong TV campaign. The song gets international medi exposure NOW.